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Meet Our Executive Board

Board Member Janet Wall

Janet Wall, President

Barbara Raford, Vice President of Monrovia Reads

Barbara Raford, Vice President

Board Member Anne Van Dyke

Anne Van Dyke, Secretary

Board Member Arlene Shirk

Arlene Shirk, Treasurer

Karen Sutherland

Karen Sutherland, Immediate Past President

Meet the Monrovia Reads Board Members

All Board Members of Monrovia Reads'

Left to right –
Front row: Dr. Sue Kaiser, Diane Balsamo, Janet Cerswell, Joanne Spring
Middle Row: Dr. Traci Gholar, Gina Ammon, Barbara Radford, Kerri Zessau, Annette Simpson, Karen Sutherland, Arlene Shirk, Jan Ryan, Mari Salgado
Back Row: Anne Van Dyke, Janet Wall, Diane Delmatoff, Mari Bardona-Bell, Michelle Shechtman, Dana Borrelli
Not Pictured: Toni Hoffman, Becky Shevlin, Sam Wright and new Board Members Melissa Alcantar and Dr Greg Francois

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