How You Can Help

Here is how you can help us improve Literacy

People ask us what are some of the ways they can help. Here are the ways you can help our children improve their reading skills.

A New Children’s Book $15

A Set of Books for Literacy Tutoring $50
One Part-Time Tutor in Classrooms and After-School Programs for a Week $100
Cost of Materials for One Little Library $100
A Mini-Grant for Class Sets $500
Contribution to Scholarship Any Amount
Major Book Distribution $3,000
Volunteering Priceless
Monrovia Reads

To be a Reader at Read Across Monrovia please fill out the form below.


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You will be notified with a specific assignment and information regarding your volunteering. If you have questions, feel free to call:

Thank you for being a Volunteer for Monrovia Reads.